A brief introduction

I got back to development, worked remotely for a year as a…

After noticing something funny in my query results with Elasticsearch, I digged down to see what was happening. A lot of head scratching, cups of coffee after — the issue made sense.

My Laravel project has an elasticsearch query to fetch all records created in the last hour

‘range’: {…

Earlier today, Adam Wathan tweeted [https://twitter.com/adamwathan/status/1371505992840663051] about the new changes coming up for TailwindCSS. In short, he announces among several things — a brand new plugin named JIT (Just In Time) for Tailwind.

The video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O_3X7InOw8] has a neat demo where the file size in dev is brought down from…

Earlier this week on Twitter, I came across a tweet about content-visibility [https://web.dev/content-visibility/]and the rendering boost that it supposedly provides. I was surprised to find out that it is a relatively new feature launched on August 2020.

Cross verifying it with Can I Use [https://caniuse.com/css-content-visibility], I was content about the…

Hamburg is becoming a favorable spot for startups and is pretty close to the German capital Berlin. Following are some of the companies that have open job positions for SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing — with full time, part time and student internships as well.




Backend developer from Berlin, building https://arbeitnow.com/

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